Condolences to Fatima Ali's family

Yvonne Delaney Mitchell | 2/3/2012, 3:48 p.m.

Tina Fey in vintage Versace not only looked perfect, she knew how to pose. Kyra Sedgwick, in a solid red gown by Pucci, who was once famous for his exotic prints (Pucci that is, not Sedgwick), was totally upstaged by a woman standing behind her who looked like, how should I say this and still be kind and diplomatic...Hmmmm, I'm thinking.

All Lea Michele, in Atelier Versace with a slit up to there, perfect matching traditional heels and a fishtail train, needed was to have her hair swept up and she would have been up there with J. Lo-not quite with J. Lo, but up there.

Ahhh, at last. Regina King, in Alberta Ferretti, arrived looking absolutely divine in a soft purple strapless dress that was so sexy because it wasn't so sexy. Which brings to mind: What was your favorite Regina King movie? "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" (wasn't she the crazy ambulance driving sister?); the wife in "Show Me the Money"-I mean, "Jerry McGuire"; or "Our Family Wedding," where she co-starred with Forest Whitaker (one of my favorite male actors)?

Jayma Mays, in Reem Acra (who are these people?), looked good in a simple black gown with a full train that I'm sure any of us could wear. As for Mayim Bialik, in a simple and sedate David Peck, with a slit up the front for comfort and ease, OK, I get it. If nothing else, at least she looked comfortable.

The men-oh, the men. Well, Jonah Hill looked as though that was his mother standing in the background. Was it? His tux jacket was too tight and stretched across his midsection. Wouldn't you be more comfortable in the next size than trying to squeeze? Loved that skinny tie, though.

Christopher Plummer, dashing and quite proper, I must say. Jean Dujardin, take your hands out of your pockets-that goes for the rest of you guys as well.

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Until next week...kisses.