That '70s show

Armstrong Williams | 2/16/2012, 11:11 a.m.

Gingrich, too, having climbed vertiginous heights, found himself unable to resist his lower impulses and compromised on the very values that got him into politics. Once elected speaker, his main concern became not "defining civilization" but a permanent majority for the Republican Party. And as we all know, there is a vast difference between the Republican Party and the conservative movement.

Gingrich and his supporters keep telling us that his real value as a nominee is that he could beat Obama in a debate. Something tells me that, like in 1960, if you were to watch it on television, you might pick Obama, and if you were to listen on the radio, you would pick Gingrich. We all know how that turned out before.

Must everyone put on a Ronald Reagan smile now? Or is there any room left for the eccentric geniuses, for darker heroes? Gingrich's resurrection, much like Nixon's in 1968, shows us that there are people whom they represent. They're only silent sometimes.

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