Celebrating Dizzy, chico at the Drom

2/24/2012, 4:53 p.m.

In 2007, Hamilton received a living legend Jazz Award as part of the Kennedy center Jazz in Our Time Festival, as well as receiving a doctorate of fine arts from the New School.

Hamilton's resume boasts film scores, original compositions, commercial jingles, albums as a leader and international tours. In 2006, he released four CDs on Joyous Shout! in celebration of his 85th birthday: "Juniflip," featuring guest appearances from love front man Arthur lee, vocalist (and successful actor) bill Henderson and former Hamilton band members trombonist bohanon and bass trombonist Jimmy cheatham; "believe," with special guest appearances from vocalist and R&b singer Fontella bass and trombonist bohanon; "6th Avenue Romp," featuring special guest appearances from guitarist Shuggie Otis, trumpeter Jon Faddis, trombonist bohanon, vocalist brenna bavis and percussionist Jaimoe of the Allman brothers band; and "Heritage," with special guest appearances from vocalist Marya lawrence and trombonist bohanon.

In September 2007, he released "Hamiltonia," sampling his original compositions from the four albums released in 2006.

In March 2011, to begin celebrating his 90th birthday six months off, Hamilton started a marathon recording session resulting in 28 new tracks with his Euphoria group. Following a health setback during the summer of 2010, Hamilton and his Euphoria group began weekly rehearsals at Hamilton's Penthouse A.

These weekly rehearsals helped Hamilton's rehabilitation; in the process, his group became tighter while embarking on exciting new musical journeys. Together they created a wealth of original material that became "Revelation."

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