Republicans still tussling over Affordable Care Act

JA'PHETH TOULSON Special to the AmNews | 7/19/2012, 3:47 p.m.

On the other hand, New York Rep. Charles Rangel said Republicans have not spent the time pursuing the necessities America needs.

"There has been no area--housing, jobs, taxes--that they have supported the president on at all," he said. "As a matter of fact, they have decided that for the rest of this year, they are not going to do anything in a positive direction."

The ruling wasn't a complete loss for the GOP, however. The Supreme Court struck down the expansion of Medicaid coverage. The program provides health care to poor Americans, such as children and the elderly. If allowed, the Affordable Care Act would have provided Medicaid in 2014 to anyone with an income 138 percent below the federal poverty line.

However, even with the large division between Republicans and Democrats, Holloran acknowledged a possible compromise with the bill that both sides could benefit from. The ideal bill would allow people to buy insurance policies over state lines, control of court reforms, expansion of Medicare and Medicaid programs and purchasing power where the market share is increased, such as medical, preventive and dental care.

"These are all component pieces that we could have addressed, and it could have kept the courts to a reasonable number," Holloran said. "Now none of those things are being done and those are the real problems in health care, and we have all these purchase prices, so in the end, we could have sat down and tried to compromise if people were interested in actually having the conservation."

For two years, the GOP has been keeping a close eye on the president and has made attempts to stall the Affordable Care Act after his election.

"It was their goal, the first time he [Obama] was brought in, to try to destroy his reputation and to deny him any legislative victories," Rangel said. "The president's Affordable Health care Act is the law."

"They have nothing else," Meeks said. "That's why Obama will be re-elected."