Profiling Council Member Darlene Mealy

7/26/2012, 3:59 p.m.
Council Member Darlene Mealy represents the 41st District in Brooklyn, which includes Bedford-Stuyvesant, Ocean Hill-Brownsville,...
Profiling Council Member Darlene Mealy

While stop-and-frisk continues to stick in the craw of Black activists and lay people alike who run the risk of being picked on walking or driving while Black, Mealy declared, "One of the biggest ways to improve quality of life in our neighborhoods is to improve the relationship between residents and the NYPD. I've focused on keeping officers who do an excellent job at community affairs and also supported increasing the number of officers who patrol on foot.

"Police need to be community-minded. They need to interact with residents, shop owners and block associations on a human level. Having them walk a beat doesn't fix everything, but it does help build trust in both directions, and that's a positive change."

Mealy declared that she is "extremely proud of the work I've done as chair [of the Contracts Committee]] to shed more light on the city's contracting process."

The proliferation of no-bid contracts under the Bloomberg administration has raised eyebrows and calls for investigations and transparency. "We have to scrutinize these decisions to outsource because, very often, they don't save money, but they definitely lead to the loss of public sector jobs," Mealy said in support of her committee.

Noting that she worked for New York City Transit for 17 years. Mealy said, "I really understand how important public sector jobs are to providing excellent services and helping New Yorkers enter the middle class. As the laws I have sponsored--the Outsourcing Accountability Act, Contracts Transparency Act and Intro 707-A, which we just passed last week--take effect, we'll be able to do a much better job of figuring out which contract costs are justified and beneficial.

"The goal is to avoid scandals like CityTime and hold onto the city's money, rather than going to court after the fact to get it back."