Media fog in the recall elections in Wisconsin

Armstrong Williams | 6/27/2012, 4:05 p.m.
Last week, Fox News first called the recall election in favor of Scott Walker while...
At Thanksgiving, embracing the winds of change and increasing our faith

How is it that the president of ASME can organize 50,000 TSA employees to squeeze the government successfully through the same political maneuvering? The battle is between the self-serving public employees union and the taxpayers, with the politicians in the middle. Taxpayers are paying the politicians to advocate on their behalf for the best value in public service. The unions are using their money to repurchase the politicians, and taxpayers are footing the bill. The unions are manipulating the politicians with political money in return for more generous concessions and thus they can't be objective for the taxpayers funding the politicians' salaries.

Are we not against special interests' influence on government? If the government is in support of unions, which are special interests, it is obviously not taking the interests of the people into account. I thought the days of political machines and Tammany Hall stopped in the 19th and 20th centuries.

However, the people of Wisconsin have spoken. Walker did what most Republicans do not do: fight back. While the unions were screaming, shouting, destroying state property and refusing to work in the interest of protesting working conditions, Walker was working for the interests of the general Wisconsin public.

Now, Walker's recall victory can once again reiterate to the left, the unions and the mainstream media what they did not seem to learn in the 2010 election--that their fear tactics and influence will not be tolerated. Special interests will not hold the state financially hostage while they contribute nothing in return.

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