Celebrities and fans remember Whitney's legacy in New Jersey

David Goodson | 3/5/2012, 2:42 p.m.

When it was reported that she was engaged to "rapper" Bobby Brown, it was met with a disdain and discernment that was once related to that of an interracial couple. It mattered not that at the top of his game, he was a platinum recording artist who was selling out arenas worldwide, acting as an ambassador of the new sound and attitude of R&B.

Brown didn't fit the expectations America had for Houston, but he stayed true to who he was and it was good enough for her. For 15 years, the strife of their relationship was tabloid fodder and we all paid attention to it because venomous verbal assaults and sordid behavior became entertainment. So did she change or did people's perception change?

In her sunset, here's what we can say for certain. If a Mount Rushmore for singers is erected, Aretha Franklin's guaranteed slot will be accompanied by Houston. She was a "once in a lifetime" vocalist, but as a former wife, mother, sister, aunt and daughter, she was every woman. Not to take a backseat to those qualities is that she was an African-American. If you're in that club, we ride until the wheels fall off through peaks and valleys, thick and thin.

With all honesty and sincerity, Whitney, we will always love you.

I'm out. Holla next week. Until then, enjoy the nightlife