The Cosmopolitan Review

Yvonne Delaney Mitchell | 3/9/2012, 2:54 p.m.

Living uptown but handling business downtown is Clyde Frazier, as his new restaurant is about to open on the corner of 38th Street and 10th Avenue. It's only because the sign didn't say Walt "Clyde" Frazier that I questioned, "Is it our Clyde?" Then again, there's only one Clyde Frazier, isn't there? Guess we'll just have to make a reservation for dinner and ind out.

"New York, New York, it's a heck of a town. The Bronx is up and the Battery's down, the people ride in a hole in the ground, New York, New York." How many of you know what movie that line is from? In case the thought of it keeps you up at night and it's 2 in the morning and you don't know what to do with yourself--or perhaps you have

an early morning appointment and, darn it, it's 5 a.m., and your hair and nails are a wreck and you're feeling tense as a cork in an age-old wine bottle, well, this is New York, so of course there is a solution. Hair Nail and Spa 24/7, located on 28th Street and Madison Avenue, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Can you believe it? Imagine going in at 3 in the morning for, a complete beauty treatment. I am dying to try it just for the fun of it. Now, if only I can stay awake that long.

News just came in and I'm sorry to say that Mark Font, Esq., has passed away after slipping into a diabetic coma only a few days ago. It's all very sudden and very sad as Mark was only 44 years old. Condolences to his family and his close friend, Lynelle Grenady. Condolences also go to the family of Ms. Irene from the Seville Lounge, who has passed away.

A tribute of remembrance goes out to my mother-in-law, Julia Viola Sarjent Mitchell. Happy birthday to Jean DeWees, the late Donald DeWees, Kitty Holms, Carl Redding (former owner of Amy Ruth), Kelvin Brown,

Shannette (Housing 2000) McCray and Ms. Lynn of 118th Street.

The Wildlife Conservation Society's Bronx Zoo is pleased to announce the annual recruitment of seasonal employees at New York City zoos and aquarium with professional service.

They will only accept applications online at www.wcs. org/about-us/careers/nyc-seasonal.aspx. Individuals must be 16 years old to apply and willing to work weekends and holidays. Employment opportunities are available for full-time and part-time schedules and to start weekends before the full-time summer schedule starts.

Last but certainly not least, the Black Woman's Leadership Caucus invites everyone to join them to celebrate Harriet Ross Tubman at the annual wreath-laying ceremony Saturday, March 10 at 10 a.m., at Harriet Tubman Memorial Square, 122nd Street and Eighth Avenue.

Former Gov. George Pataki signed into legislation Harriet Tubman Day to be celebrated every March 10 throughout New York State; it's a heck of a town.

Until next week...kisses.