Conservatives win elections

Armstrong Williams | 3/29/2012, 1:36 p.m.

I find that when you talk to people about the issues, they are far more conservative than they know. They want small government. I'm hopeful that we can repent and actually be conservatives again and win elections.

Who has been getting their way? The big government crowd. Most Americans--not all, certainly there are true believers in government omnipotence out there--are angry with the state of our nation, and it can't be that there aren't enough free handouts-- it's that there are too many. It can't be that there aren't enough abortions-- it's that there are too many. It can't be that there are too few loopholes in the tax code--it's that there are too many.

America, despite its 40-year expansion of bureaucracy and erosion of the Constitution, is still at heart a center-right country, and the people will not be satisfied until it is once again governed by center-right principles. We can win this year; we just have to practice what we preach.

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