Trip to St. Lucia

Yvonne Delaney Mitchell | 3/29/2012, 2:35 p.m.

As hard as it was, we had to tear ourselves away to explore the island, which meant taking some day trips. St. Lucia, a French-influenced island, is known for its still active volcanoes the Pitons. Though the last eruption was quite some time ago, a trip to the crater at the bottom of the volcano revealed pools of bubbling hot water sprouting across the crater floor.

As part of the tour, a stop at the food shack for a piece of fried fish and chicken (of course) and a Piton beer to wash it all down prepared us for the next stop, which was the mud bath. Into the mud we slithered as the temperature was more than bath-water warm--it was hot, naturally heated by the waters emanating from the within the volcano, which is heated from the core of the Earth. Is this like science fiction or what? No, I'm here to tell you, it's real and it's real good.

Our second trip was equally adventurous, as we were off to go zip-line riding. It was unlike anything I've ever seen or heard of before. You're led to platforms perched amongst the trees and then harnessed to a cable, whereupon you leap off the platform and zip across the forest to the next platform. Each platform is a little bit higher than the next, and each cable is a little bit longer than the previous one, until you are 85 feet above ground and zipping at the speed of light--or at least it seems as though you are.

It was a thrilling experience that Charles didn't particularly enjoy, as he's more of a "feet planted solidly on the ground" kind of guy. As for myself, a chance to fly through the air as though I had wings with the wind on my cheeks was something I'd love to do again. Here again we had a delicious lunch, served with tamarind juice, which I couldn't get enough of. It was so refreshing after a hard day of zipping.

Back at the resort, there was entertainment every night. Sometimes, the Kids Klub gathered the wee ones together for dinner and a show, which they loved. This gave us time to dine alone. However, we all met afterward to sit in the seductively lit lobby, tastefully decorated with comfy loveseats, intimately positioned, where we would stretch out as we listened to the sultry, soulful songstress accompanied by a solo musician who together lulled us into a light trance.

We weren't on the island long enough to partake of the other scenic tours, but that leaves us a reason to return. The beauty of nature is amazing--it's no wonder the people are so calm, as they are surrounded and immersed in the lush foliage consisting of banana trees, a variety of plants, flowers, cashew trees, fresh nutmeg for the picking, mango trees, cacao beans and ground provisions. Can you ask for anything more?

Until next week...kisses.