April 28th, The May Day You Probably Don't Know About

Hannington Dia | 5/2/2012, 2:47 p.m.
While millions around the world were celebrating International Workers' Day May 1st, the Communist Progressive...
April 28th, The May Day You Probably Don't Know About

"The people that are at the forefront of bashing this idea of workers running society for themselves based on a collective organization and egalitarian principles: that ideology isn't a friendly ideology to the people who want to run society based on individualistic practices,"said Reymundo, who sat on a committee to help organize the day's activities. "We hear a lot of this bashing of multi-racial unity. From these same mouths come the bashing of the idea of Communism."

To Jessica, Anti-Communism is a by-product of a McCarthyist news cycle. "That's something that's been put in by the media, especially in this country If something is so hated, you have to understand why. What is all the propaganda about? What is the force behind it that these people want to hide?"

"We are not anarchists." said Mike. "We have a concrete analysis of how to fight back. We're not crazy radicals. We do understand that it's gonna take a revolution to change the world, but we are not doing that until we have everyone on the same page."

Once the march ended at a private dinner reception, the members reflected on another May Day in the books.

"People were very receptive," said longtime Progressive Laborer Karen after hearing a few speeches from her comrades at the reception. "Flatbush is more and more integrated--Arabs, black, white, Latino. We got a very good response from people. I thought it was great."

Reymundo was more prophetic in his final words about PLP's 2012 May Day celebration.

"Maybe yesterday I was a little bit hopeless. Maybe tomorrow I'll be a little bit hopeless. But today that's not true. Because today I see workers from around the world fighting back and telling me their stories. We can't possibly be hopeless today. Today is the most hopeful day of the year."