Mentoring program helps local students

KADEEN JONES Special to the AmNews | 5/11/2012, 1:40 p.m.

As the assistant program director, Shrubb handles development, fundraising and PR for the organization. He also runs CitySquash's mentor program and coaches squash three afternoons a week. He stated that whenever he starts to get restless in the office, he makes his way to the squash court with some of the students.

CitySquash students have gone on to do great things. In the decade the organization has been around, they have had three graduating high school classes and only one student has not gone on to college. A couple years ago, a CitySquash student was accepted to Cornell University and is now in her sophomore year. She is currently the 23rd-ranked female in college squash. Another student captained the No. 2 high school squash team in the nation last year.

Eric Molina, 12, is one of the students who went to Bermuda last month. This is his second year in the program.

"They helped me get back on track with my classes and make sure I am where I'm supposed to be," said Molina. "Squash is really fun, and we get to travel and learn about different cultures. I would like to continue on in college."

Shrubb stated that CitySquash has helped him appreciate how fortunate he is when he sees the obstacles faced by the underprivileged children in the program.

"Working at CitySquash has proven to me that kids are kids wherever they grow up, whether that be in Bermuda or Greenwich, Connecticut, or Arthur Avenue in the Bronx," said Shrubb. "Every kid wants to go to college, wants to play sports and wants to have fun. The kids in our program are so driven and ambitious, it's amazing. Some want to go to Harvard and some want to be the best squash player in the country. I'm sure that in time both will happen."

For more information about the organization, visit CitySquash.org.