Thanking our moms with love, song and the Whispers

David Goodson | 5/16/2012, 6:23 p.m.

He continued, "But the important thing was we started out as a group, and anything that I could do to elevate--to be successful--is what mattered most. Other voices probably could sing my songs, but that intangible thing that happens when people are in tune with each other might be missed. If I can sing, I want to sound like Walter and Scotty. They deliver it the way I hear it." That's teamwork!

Adding to the evening at the Beacon is the return of Miss Valerie Simpson. An all-time great in her own right, it might be her first area performance since the passing of her life and songwriting partner, Nick Ashford.

Caldwell spoke of the billing glowingly. "The songs she and her husband composed were era-altering songs. That pushed writers to try to meet those standards, but to be honest, I never paid too much attention to her vocals until lately. We did a show together recently and I actually got a chance to see her show and I asked myself, where was I all this time? I'm sorry I'm so late to acknowledge her vocal gifts.

"I would love to do a project with her because, as much talent as she has, she is a much better person and that's what means the most," he said. Don't make the same mistake! Show starts at 8 p.m.

I'm out. Holla next week. 'Til then, enjoy the nightlife.