Harlem remains our home base

David Goodson | 11/9/2012, 1:26 p.m.
A plethora of societal ills hindering dwellers in urban America is pushing people over the...
Harlem remains our home base

While much needs to be done, it has begun. Bender shares, "In the past three years, we identified five key ingredients of the Black renascence--entrepreneurship, education, the arts, health and safety--and implemented them into our mission. So we want to have events once every quarter that deal with one or more of those components, whether physical, tangible events or via social media. Once a month, we have Twitter chats dealing with topics that our pillars stand on."

She explains further why it's so important to fortify the Harlem home base. "Even if you grew up in a place like Kentucky, you'd be crazy to think that what happens in Harlem doesn't affect you. Harlem is THAT important. So within the next five years, we want to take the YUNG brand and take it across the world. We want YUNG Atlanta, YUNG Chicago, YUNG Los Angeles and to really make it a movement."

During her high school years, Beal was able to study abroad in countries such as Uganda, South Africa, Japan and the Dominican Republic, so she knows full well the importance of spreading the vision. "Being a global citizen makes you more sensitive to people who don't look like you or have similar circumstances. You can look at their differences and learn from them, and that's what we want our participants to understand and grow with," she concludes.

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