Minister Farrakhan still loved in New York

LEROY BAYLOR Special to the AmNews | 10/12/2012, 3:47 p.m.
Minister Louis Farrakhan, Dr. Boyce Watkins and Your Black World to hold forum on Wealth, Education, Family and Community

At 125th Street's State Office Building, the crowd included people who had followed him from each speaking engagement. Denise Saddler of Brooklyn said, "It's all about prophecy and being told of our rightful role for world leadership. I saw him in Brooklyn; it was an invigorating sight to see the people's joy at his appearance. I saw bus drivers transfixed as they passed the crowd listening to the minister."

Harold Muhammad, of the Fruit of Islam, said that as he accompanied the minister from venue to venue, he and others "vibed" off of the minister's energy. "His presence takes you to a higher level of commitment." And this is what the 125th Street crowd of several hundred people projected to the minister, who had spent a decade as the voice heard live over WLIB each Sunday from Mosque No. 7 before relocating to Chicago in 1975. His appearance in front of the building was his first since a Harlem Week celebration in the 1980s.

"Jesus was a warrior, not a soft man. He was in the streets teaching. Our reverends must stop walking by the downtrodden," he warned. "We must pray for one another and stop preying on one another."

David Manigault, an onlooker, said he was happy and proud that Farrakhan spoke positively about Malcolm X as one he learned from. "We need more people with the teaching of Elijah; most of all, we must stop killing one another," he said.