FOI of New York Mosque mediating rival gang conflicts

JEHRON MUHAMMAD Special to the AmNews | 10/19/2012, 2:14 p.m.

Showing that this isn't just an isolated case, a headline in the July 13 edition of the New York Times read: "New York Police Officer Charged in Gun Theft."

The Times reported, "Prosecutors in the Manhattan district attorney's office said Officer Mina, who had been on the force for four and a half years and was assigned to the 9th Precinct in the East Village, broke into the lockers of four colleagues in February and April and pilfered the police-issued weapons and a bullet-resistant vest. Officer Mina was also charged with buying and selling methadone (all for sale), according to an indictment."

Expressing his indignation, Muhammad said, "The flow of guns has not stopped," with these officers stealing guns and "putting them ... on the streets."

Concerning his willingness to work with other groups, he said, "We want to work with those who are unafraid to work with our young people." He said that Farrakhan told him to "be careful of pastors who are afraid of our youth. So I'll [only] work with those pastors who are unafraid to come out into the streets. But those that have a timidity of doing so--for whatever the reason--then we're going to just keep moving forward because that would just slow us down."

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