1$ Billion Dollar Program is Watching You!

Alfredo Jeff | 10/23/2012, 1:19 p.m.

Manhattan's 14th St. - Union Square and 8th Avenue on the L train line have been upgraded not only with security in general but also with underground Wi-Fi, according to MTA officials.

Ada'gabriella Peralta, 19, is an English major from John Jay College of Criminal Justice is unsure about what to think about the FBI's new facial recognition system.

"Although it sounds like a great process for catching criminals faster. I feel like my privacy is violated since people I don't even know have all this information on me," Peralta said.

Meanwhile John Jay student Clark Orellana, 22, a criminal justice major, believes the new program would deter crimes from happening. He is glad the money is being put to good use and that FBI placed cameras could save lives.

"I do not have anything to hide although people will argue Fourth Amendment right to privacy," Orellana said adding, "I say if you have nothing to hide, what do you have to lose? This would definitely make a difference and you cannot have privacy in a public setting, therefore privacy rights aren't guaranteed. Our rights are limited - that's what we all need to understand!"

Security in New York City has finally stepped up to a whole new level with the Facial Recognition System but what will this mean for NYPD and police officers in other states? Will they patrol the streets less or more because of the new improvements to security in America? As technology advances, the future holds more problems for Americans to embrace.