Biden and Eastwood provided an early Halloween for millions

Richard G. Carter | 10/25/2012, 2:04 p.m.
"He was quite a remarkable fellow. Nasty, but remarkable."--Claude Rains, "Rope of Sand" (1949) Halloween...
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"He was quite a remarkable fellow. Nasty, but remarkable."--Claude Rains, "Rope of Sand" (1949)

Halloween may be Oct. 31, but Joe Biden and Clint Eastwood--the vice president and the iconic movie star--played trick-or-treat in advance at big-time political events. Their over-the-top antics annoyed millions of TV viewers and were fodder for comedians.

I refer to Biden's outrageous behavior--burnishing his buffoon image--at the vice presidential debate with Paul Ryan, and doddering Eastwood's diss of Barack Hussein Obama at the Republican convention. They turned serious events into Halloween.

First, some other random thoughts. Last week, Obama went on TV's soft "Daily Show" and minimized the Sept. 11 terrorist murders in Libya with the ultimate bad-taste gaffe: "When four Americans get killed, it's not optimal."

Pat Smith, mother of one of the four, responded: "It's insensitive to say my son is not very optimal. He's also very dead."

Obama's disastrous Middle East policy is epitomized by his botched management of the tragedy, now known as "Benghazi-Gate." And continuing to say al Qaeda is on the run and blaming the terrorist attacks in Libya on an anti-Islamic YouTube video--which he did repeatedly at the United Nations--demonstrates his naivete regarding foreign affairs.

As for the first two presidential debates, Ed Rollins, a GOP consultant mocked for incessant use of the tiresome phrase "at the end of the day," nailed it: "In the first debate, the president could have put 'Everlast' on his forehead because he was like a punching bag."

In the second debate, liberal moderator Candy Crowley of CNN--clearly a shill for Obama--interrupted Mitt Romney 28 times and the president only nine. She also gave four-plus minutes more to Obama and backed up his blatant lie about calling the Sept. 11 embassy attack in Libya terrorism when he spoke in the Rose Garden on Sept. 12.

In full cover-up mode, Obama said "no acts of terror" in general--not specifying the terrorists killing Americans in Benghazi.

Democrat Pat Cadell, a former Jimmy Carter pollster, said, "Candy Crowley was the worst moderator in the history of presidential debates." Democrat Doug Schoen, a former Bill Clinton pollster, said, "The moderator should moderate and not fact-check."

Most critical was acerbic radio talker Rush Limbaugh. Said Limbaugh: "Candy Crowley had to go back and eat crow on CNN. She committed an act of journalistic terrorism."

Back to Halloween, it's scary how dumb the boorish Biden really is. Last week, in a speech to union members in Las Vegas, he came out with another gaffe. Said Biden: "How many of you know someone who has served in Iraq or Iran?" Huh? He actually said Iran.

In the VP debate, the 69-year-old Biden's bad manners included interrupting Ryan 82 times, rolling his eyes, smiling, smirking, snorting and laughing like a hyena as his calm, 42-year-old foe spoke. And he kept condescendingly referring to Ryan as "my friend."

Syndicated columnist and TV pundit Charles Krauthammer colorfully described the vice president's demeanor thusly: "Biden's debate preparation was watching 'The Shining,' and he did an excellent imitation of Jack Nicholson."