The rain shuts down the US Open

HOWIE EVANS AmNews Sports Editor | 9/7/2012, 1:09 p.m.
The rain shuts down the US Open

And then the rain came, shutting down play for most of Wednesday morning and afternoon.

Perhaps it was a blessing for some. Like Maria Sharapova, who was down four love in the first game of her quarterfinal match against Marion Bartoli. Play was stopped, giving Sharapova a chance to perhaps collect herself. With the rain came the continued conversation. When will the USTA put a roof on Arthur Ashe Stadium? So the USTA caves in, what do they get for a billion dollars or two? A roof on one structure. What about the other courts? There are 18 outside courts on the grounds. Do you put a roof on all of them? So a roof covers Ashe. What happens to the Grand Stand facility? Do you put a roof on that facility? And a roof on Louis Armstrong Stadium? Do you put a roof on all the outside courts?

Get real, people! Suck it up. The folks who run this great event every year know exactly what they're doing. And they do a great job on these magnificent grounds and on the two-week tournament itself. A roof over all of them? Sometime in the near future? Of course not. Suck it up.

Serena Williams was scheduled to play last night (Wednesday). We can only hope the rain stopped so that Williams could continue powering her way to the title.

Meanwhile, Serena and Venus Williams lost their doubles match. They seemed to lack energy. Regardless, Serena powered her way into the quarterfinals and was playing like, "Excuse me, but I'm on my way to a fifth U.S. Open championship."