Double or nothing Mitt Romney just made it double or nothing.

Armstong Williams | 9/21/2012, 1:06 p.m.
His pick of Paul Ryan as his running mate is not only the bravest move...
Romney rips Obama's healthcare plan at NAACP convention

One reasonable objection, however, might be that you want a guy like Ryan in the House, where he has risen by sheer merit to a leadership role. Reportedly, Ryan even turned down a job as OMB director for Bush. But Ryan is already term-limited out of staying on as Budget Committee chairman. Would you put him on Appropriations? Ways and Means? What would you do with him? His effectiveness would be diminished in the supporting role that he'd have to take on.

Therefore, Ryan as vice president is a perfect match. He shares many good qualities with Romney and complements the few that he lacks. The job of an executive is to make decisions, and Romney has demonstrated a brilliant judgment. It took courage for Romney to pick Ryan, and there has been no better example of courage in Washington than the Budget chairman.

And no one should question whether or not Ryan is qualified for the job. Put Ryan beside Obama. One is a dorky numbers guy; one is an entertainer. One is all substance; one is all style. We will know in November which one we should choose, and we again will therefore know who we are.

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