Brooklyn Book Fest marks seventh year

KAREN JUANITA CARRILLO Special to the AmNews | 9/27/2012, 2:36 p.m.

The disease, which is not race-specific, can be fatal It was one of the factors leading to the deaths of both the comedian Bernie Mac at age 50 and the actor Michael Clarke Duncan at age 54, and both R&B singer Angie Stone and the actress Tisha Campbell are known to be living with the disease.

Anderson says her own book does not look at the condition from a scientific perspective. "If you want to know something scientific about it, you can always go online. I just want to inspire others and let them know that we can live a full, productive life. I mean, we have our moments when we get sick but--hey--don't give up, because we have a choice."

Jemmie Adams, the Jersey City-based author of "Running With No Feet," was another self-publishing writer who had a table at the festival. Adams' book came out in 2011, and though this was his first time at the Brooklyn Book Festival, he's attended others throughout the nation, he said. "I do a lot of festivals throughout the year. This is like my--I think my 12th festival. I do Baltimore next week," Adams said. "I did the Los Angeles Times Book Festival. I was in Miami last year, I was in Arkansas, I was in Chicago--you know, I get around on the festival circuit."

He explained, "It's all about getting the word out. I get good strong reviews, so once people read it, the sales go pretty well."

"Running With No Feet," Adams said, is about a father's love versus the 1 percent of people who are in control of the world. The 1 percent are a group of powerful executives whose credo is "Man, woman nor child will interfere with profits."

Adams says he's been writing for at least 15 years, and it took him 11 years to write "Running With No Feet." Four years ago he started his own company, Midnight Publishing LLC, and readied his first novel for publication.

"Why did I self-publish? Because I knew I had something to say. The only reasons people don't self-publish are because of financial reasons or because they don't want to be the distributor. But at the end of the day, it's up to the author to get the word out about the book, whether you use a publisher or self-publish. So I said if it's all going to be my responsibility, then I'll just invest in myself and go do it."