Caskets for Barclays

NAYABA ARINDE Amsterdam News Editor | 9/28/2012, 11:01 a.m.
Caskets for Barclays

The letter, which Mitchell also sent to Carter's representatives, began: "We are humbly asking for your assistance to help save our inner-city youth, who are constantly threatened by the specter of gun violence. Man Up! Inc. is proud to serve as one of the lead organizations involved in Hip-Hop S.A.V.E. America. The S.A.V.E. America Initiative is a nationwide antiviolence coalition that consists of families and victims of violence, street and youth organizations, community- and faith-based leaders, elected officials and athletes, as well as hip-hop celebs and executives.

"We all stand united in our appeal to you and other celebrities who come from neighborhoods stricken by senseless violence to join our coalition's peace and relief efforts by becoming one of Brooklyn's 'Ambassadors of Peace.' Ambassadors of Peace help sponsor street organizations' peace and relief efforts on the ground by raising the necessary funds needed to sustain the operations that have been proven to be effective in combating street violence."

Mitchell told the AmNews, "We recognize and salute Jay-Z's continued philanthropy through the Shawn Carter Foundation and other charities, but given the crucial nature of what is happening on our streets--the streets that he himself has known and grew up on--we are humbly, humbly asking him and others who are in a position to do so to help us specifically.

"All the organizations involved have a proven track record as violence interrupters and activists who have stayed in the streets, trying to save lives in some of the most violent and dangerous communities in Brooklyn and throughout the country. We prioritize and provide services for the most high-risk members of the community while utilizing innovative, successful grassroots models and approaches that are data-driven and reduce gun violence like the CeaseFire Chicago model."

Mitchell noted that while he has not received a response from Jay-Z's camp, he is hopeful that Jay-Z will get wind of the request,. Support from Jay-Z, the Brooklyn father and activist declared, would catapult the effort into the minds of "other celebs in hip-hop to get involved behind this very important issue and initiative."

The Amsterdam News did not get a response from Jay-Z's camp or the Barclays Center press department on this issue.

Meanwhile, Mitchell concluded, "We don't want the Bloomberg administration to create two Brooklyns--one downtown where all the money and enterprise resides--and the rest of Brooklyn, where you have people struggling and trying to avoid gun violence on their doorstep. We are requesting the help of those who get the message and are in a position to help keep our youth safe and alive."