What's next? Faculty at Medgar Evers College fears losing accreditation

STEPHON JOHNSON Amsterdam News Staff | 4/16/2013, 4:34 p.m.
If last Thursday morning's meeting at a packed Norman Johnson Lecture Hall at Medgar Evers...
Medgar Evers College

"I'll walk with you to the end of the moon if you're working for the institution," said Carroll. "That document is a quality document. Not one of them served on the committee. Not one. We had a consultant just like every other CUNY institution had a consultant. For them to stand and continue to say this, it hurts deeply. It was never included in the Middle States reports that they had to put together. Our strategic plan isn't the reason why we're here. It's because there are other things operating in the institution that are not working."

So where does the CUNY administration stand on all of this? Senior Vice Chancellor of CUNY and Board of Trustees Secretary Jay Hershenson sent a statement to the AmNews about the accreditation problem and had this to say about the situation and about Pollard:

"CUNY is deeply committed to the well-being and enhancement of Medgar Evers College," wrote Hershenson. "The college recently received a Warning Notification from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education requiring improvements in three of the 14 standards it uses for accreditation and related to planning and assessment. While Medgar Evers College is fully accredited, the institution is working cooperatively with Middle States in order to make the necessary improvements.

"CUNY is assisting the college, and we anticipate that the appropriate work will be done," Pollard said.

Hershenson also said that earlier this fall, CUNY Chancellor Matthew Goldstein put together an external team of educators to provide a review of Pollard on top of conducting an online survey of campus constituencies--students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community--to receive feedback about campus leadership. Grambling University President and former SUNY Vice Chancellor Frank G. Pogue led the team of educators.

"The chancellor and the CUNY Board of Trustees will be reviewing the results of these evaluations," Hershenson said.