Failing our children: Part 2

Armstrong Williams | 8/1/2013, 11:37 a.m. | Updated on 8/1/2013, 11:37 a.m.
Anything just given away means nothing. America’s public education system has become the quintessence of that idea—a “free” system that ...
Armstrong Williams

Now the goal is to usher kids through to reach the end goal of college. At some point, college became a holy grail, a right and the only way to succeed in America. Vocational technical programs across the country were derided and slashed. Better for the kid that does not understand calculus and can not read to be passed through in order to flunk out of college rather than cultivate their interest in job that can actually pay the bills.

According to the belief that you cannot succeed without college, blue-collar jobs are largely seen as an anathema rather than a way to make a good living and possibly even a great one without all the debt and misery so many college grads are encountering today. All you need to do is look around at the successful electricians, plumbers, mechanics and lawn care experts to realize this fact.

Around the world, higher rated public school systems regularly channel children into careers where they show an aptitude and can find success. This does not mean taking a person’s choice of careers away from them, but it does mean admitting everyone is not the same and equal. Kids are funneled into subjects that meet their passions and abilities.

When you look around and talk to successful people, you will find the overwhelming majority found the specialty that best melded their abilities and interests. They were able to pursue their dreams with passion and confidence. Talk to the average college graduate, and most will be flummoxed to tell you exactly what they want to do, much less how to get there.

At every turn, we are putting obstacles in the way of preparing our children to succeed. Every politician’s speech on education reform results in America ceding ground to the rest of the world. Each parent who insists their child is an angel and should be passed despite never doing homework is dooming the future generations of Americans through entitlement and low achievement.

We watch as America burns from the ground up, focusing on bullying and self-esteem over knowledge, achievement and success. Acceptance of the status quo is without a doubt akin to saying, “I hate America and my children.”

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