Thompson for Mayor

Primary Endorsements

Amsterdam News Editorial Board | 8/1/2013, 10:28 a.m.

He is putting the Bronx back on the map for all the right reasons, and that is why we endorse Ruben Diaz Jr. for Bronx borough president.


A week or so ago, our endorsement for Queens borough president might have been different. But after the exit of Leroy Comrie, our choice is clear.

Queens needs a fighter who believes in the rights of all her citizens—one who believes that the diversity of the borough is an asset, not a flaw. Someone who sees Queens as a mecca for immigrants to come and make a life for themselves and their families, while embracing those who have lived in Queens for generation after generation. Melinda Katz is that candidate, and that is why we are endorsing her for Queens borough president.


The sitting Brooklyn district attorney has held sway over the borough for over two decades. It is under his watch that countless police have not been indicted; young men of color have been needlessly put through the criminal justice system; and entire communities have been disenfranchised by the lack of regard by the leading law enforcement arm of the borough that has routinely criminalized our communities. There needs to be someone who understands that justice does not depend on the position you hold or the color of your skin. That justice should be the same for everyone, and everyone deserves a chance. Ken Thompson has that understanding.

The son of a policewoman, Thompson has been a federal prosecutor who helped get violent gangs off the street and get justice for Abner Louima. He helped the Brooklyn Congressional Delegation, along with Sen. Chuck Schumer, to get the Department of Justice to re-open the Emmett Till case.

Raised in the projects and a product of the public school system, Thompson has committed himself to equality and justice. He will be an advocate and a force for change in the Brooklyn justice system. Therefore, we endorse Ken Thompson for Brooklyn district attorney.