Armed Bronx teen killed by NYPD

Courtenay Brown | 8/6/2013, 11:16 a.m.

Armed Bronx teen killed by NYPD

Shots rang in the Bronx early Sunday morning when police shot and killed a Black teenager who, according to the NYPD, opened fire on another fleeing man.

The two officers, who were recently appointed to the department in January of this year, heard gun shots around 3 a.m.When they arrived at the scene, 14-year-old Bronx native Shaaliver Douse was allegedly chasing and firing at another man near East 151 Street and Courtland Avenue in Melrose.

A police report said that after Douse did not comply with orders to “drop the gun,” one officer released a round from his service weapon and hit Douse in the lower jaw. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Both officers were taken to Jacobi Hospital in the Bronx for trauma and ringing in their ears. There have been no reports of other injuries.

The shooting of Douse comes four years after Assembly members Annette Robinson and Darryl Towns from East New York introduced the “minimum force” bill which sought to change the strategies by which officers unarm suspects. Rather than "shooting to kill," the bill proposes that police should only “use force with an intent to stop” by targeting the suspect’s arm or leg, as the text of the bill reads.

Officers are currently trained to use deadly force and aim their firearm at the center of the target if there is an “imminent threat of death or serious physical injury,” according to the NYPD’s Police Academy Student’s Guide.