Discarded Black history books incite protests in Detroit

Kori Tuitt | 8/10/2013, 11:51 a.m.

Tons of Black history books, videos, movies and artifacts were discovered in a dumpster outside of a local high school in Highland Park, a small area in Detroit.

Volunteers reportedly helped recover 1,000 pieces of a 10,000-piece collection. Although authorities have said the books were accidentally dumped, Emergency Manager Donald Weatherspoon said the district could not afford to keep the collection. This led to Vice President and Secretary of Highland Park Renaissance Academy System’s board Andre Davis to resign, according to a Detroit Free Press article.

“This is not the American Dream. This is not why I was born and raised to believe in,” Davis told the Detroit Free Press amid the protests, “and they’re destroying our community.”

This is a significant loss in history and culture for the area with a population 93% of whom are Black. This is also huge loss in money for the bankrupt city.

Although protesters don’t plan to stop anytime soon, it’s unknown whether or not the entire 10,000-piece collection can be retrieved.