Teeth-clenching action in ‘Getaway’

Lapacazo Sandoval | 8/29/2013, 10:14 a.m. | Updated on 8/29/2013, 10:14 a.m.
At the risk of upsetting the terrific actors in Warner Bros., I declare that “Getaway” is a directors’ film!
The getaway

Oh, the Kid. The spunky and edgy girl who knows about cars and technology! Selena is a natural, and I enjoyed her chemistry with Ethan.

She did surprise me, and I forgot it was “that Gomez.” Good casting choice. OK, to the real star of ‘‘Getaway.’ Ninety-five percent of the car and motorcycle stunts performed are authentic. You utilized very little green screen. Care to elaborate?

I admit, the third star is the Shelby, which is no ordinary Mustang. A limited number are built each year, and it is the most capable street legal hot rod in the world.

The Shelby has a 5.4-liter FORD SVT V-8 725 horse power engine, with 590 lb-ft of torque, which translates to the ability to make a quarter-run mile in 12.5 seconds, hitting 119 mph.

You did not green screen these driving stunts. How did you handle this in Sofia, Bulgaria?

I hired the best stuntman and choreographer in the business, Charlie Picerni Sr., and his equally talent crew, including his son, Steven. Along with Special FX supervisor/coordinator Svetozar [“Zarko”] Karatanchev, the impossible was achieved, and we kept pushing the envelope.

Bigger, better, faster and safe. Charlie would joke, “You’re pushing me to the limits, further than anybody’s pushed me before.” I’d say, “We have to, Charlie. We have to go and hit the next level, and the next evolution and the next, so there is a progression.”

Thank you, maestro Solomon. You achieved just that.