Hip-hop remembers Nelson Mandela

David Goodson | 12/12/2013, 2:42 p.m.

Will Smith: “The greatest man on the planet has died. RIP.”

Kendrick Lamar: “Advising all my young ones that follow me to research a small piece of Nelson Mandela’s life. That’s how you pay your respect … Go!”

Chuck D: “The mission to free Mandela was woven into the blueprint of Public Enemy, using rap and hip-hop to recognize this man. RIP.”

Nas: “Thank you, Nelson Mandela. All the best on your transition.”

Diddy: “Mandela stood for justice and truth! Today the world lost a beautiful soul, fighter and true king!”

Immortal Technique: “Rest in power, Nelson Mandela.”

Ghostface Killah: “Rest in paradise, Mr. Nelson Mandela. Peaceful transition. Love and light to all of Africa and supporters worldwide.”

Questlove Jenkins: “Free Nelson Mandela! Nelson Mandela is free.”

Black Thought: “Mandela was a warrior and an inspiration. RIP.”

Mike Tyson: “I’m hearing about Nelson Mandela’s death while on African soil in Oran, Algeria. Sending prayers to Mandela’s family.”

Q-Tip: “A true fighter in every sense of the word … Mandela!

Samuel L. Jackson: “Never met a better person in my life than Nelson Mandela. My sympathy to his family and his country.”

John Legend: “What a heroic, beautiful life Mandela lived. Rest in peace.”

Crooked I: “RIP Nelson Mandela died at 95, but I wish he could’ve made it [to] 122 and got those 27 years back.”

Jill Scott: “So very saddened to hear of Nelson Mandela’s passing. His struggle will never be forgotten.”

I’m out. Holla next week. Till then, enjoy the nightlife.