Open the process of selecting our next school leaders

12/13/2013, 1:38 p.m.

Leadership and advocacy

The new leaders of New York City’s education system should be advocates for:

  • Major increases in school funding so class size can be smaller, support services can meet student needs—especially for English language learners, special education students and students with disabilities—and appropriate educational resources can be made available.
  • Restructuring the New York City school system in accordance with human rights standards of participation and to maximize the school system’s effectiveness with other local bodies, like the 59 community planning boards and their community service councils, to connect schools to other city agencies.
  • Working with local colleges and universities committed to this progressive vision of education to greatly improve the professionalism of teacher preparation and support for prospective and beginning teachers, with an emphasis on recruiting and supporting teacher candidates early on in their K-12 programs who reflect the diversity of New York City neighborhoods.
  • Taking responsibility for school safety away from the NYPD and returning it to school communities as a whole.
  • Providing inclusive and comprehensive early childhood education.
  • Re-establishing career and technical education for all high school students in order to offer career and technical education pathways for students choosing to enter the trades, encourage the entry of young women into nontraditional employment and maintain the arts, sports and after-school programs.
  • Ending no-bid contracts and making more accessible the competitive contracting and bidding process to small businesses, especially those whose owners are Black, Hispanic/Latino, female and/or community-based.
  • Downsizing of top-heavy networks and clusters that drain the budgets of small schools or schools that are potentially "phased out" and eliminating the excessed absent teacher reserve pool (former rubber rooms).

Singed by:

The Independent Commission on Public Education : www.icope.org

The Coalition for Public Education : www.forpubliceducation.org

Black New Yorkers for Educational Excellence: www.bnyee.org

The Mothers' Agenda New York (The MANY): www.wearethemany.org

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