Beyoncé: Queen B for real

David Goodson | 12/19/2013, 12:36 p.m.

Word?! Retail stores are expected to have supplies of Beyoncé’s album in stores by Friday. Let’s see how this plays out.

I’m going to end on a legendary note. Coming off a string of international gigs, playing in such locales as Australia, Japan, South America and Sweden and a headlining performance at Glastonbury throughout 2013, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bobby Womack concludes the year with three shows in the Big Apple at City Winery (155 Varick St.). Womack is touring in support of his 2012 album release, “The Bravest Man in the Universe,” which was co-produced by Richard Russell, owner of XL Recordings, and Damon Albarn, a singer-songwriter known for his success with Blur and Gorillaz.

“I hope people hear Bobby, get excited by Bobby, realize how great he is and check out his old records. A lot more people should be aware of him, ” Russell said.

City Winery as a venue combines live music and entertainment with Manhattan’s only winery. Womack is playing Dec. 20-22. VIP meet-and-greet packages are available before all three shows. Tickets for the concerts, as well as tickets for the VIP meet-and-greet, are available at www.citywinery.com.

I’m out. Holla next week. Till then, enjoy the nightlife.