Singer Res readies her comeback album

Demetria Irwin | 12/19/2013, 10:55 a.m.

“We’re not all waking up in a new Bugatti—not even a Porsche,” said singer Res from her tour bus as she traveled to another show with Talib Kweli and Macklemore. “People try to promote s—t that’s not true. I’m supposed to be flashy all the time, but I like people who keep it real. It’s great to have a moment of fantasy. I dance to those songs like everybody else, but somebody’s got to sing a song about what’s really going on.”

The Philly-area native is being that somebody with her new EP, “Refried Mac,” and her new album due in early 2014. Having been on the scene since the release of her 2001 album “How I Do,” Res is an industry vet. Not only has she collaborated with the likes of Kweli, Santigold and GZA, but she has also had a major label deal and has had her fair share of the indie hustle.

“I’m excited to just put out music again. It was hard to get music out the last couple years. But someone who has always had my back is Talib. He said, ‘I believe in what you do, and I’m going to put my money where my mouth is.’ I just kind of want to shine as a payback,” said Res.

Her sophomore album was permanently shelved when Geffen Records took over the now defunct MCA Records, and Res was forced to reassess her options. “For a little while I was stuck in a place. I had to scratch a whole album, but I’m not bitter. Bitterness can ruin a comeback. I’m excited and blessed that the dots are connecting,” said Res.

If the new EP is any indication of what Res fans can expect from the upcoming album, they are in for a treat, with thoughtful lyrics, textured production and, of course, Res’ unique brand of soul music. She’s not the “take you to church” type of singer. She’s the singer that will take you to the river the church folks were singing about and have you nodding your head as she sings about love, life and dreams.

As for the future, it’s all about the music for Res. “It’s kind of weird when you love what you do. I’m a singer, and it’s the thing I’m really good at. It’s the thing that feeds me. I used to be a finance manager. If I could have it my way, I would sing, take pictures and do interviews all day,” she said.