Kanye West Meets Jewish Power

Tingba Muhammad, and the NOI Research Group | 12/23/2013, 4:05 p.m.
Kanye West

"We all know that the first bankers of the world--Rothschilds--are Jews; we know they control not only the money market, but also the political destiny of the European world....[M]ercantile enterprises owe a vast debt to the Jew. You need but look at the streets of the principal cities of the world on Jewish holidays, and you will at once see that trade is in mourning; the busy hum is hushed; everything is languid."

In fact, according to the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia (1948), "In Eastern Europe there were very recently countries in which 90% or more of the trades was in Jewish hands; in some branches of trade and export they controlled the entire 100%."

Now that has to be "anti-Semitism"! Kanye did not come anywhere near such statements. Let's go back to a time when Black people felt this Jewish influence most acutely.

The leading Jewish historian and rabbi Marc Lee Raphael wrote that "Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade." Nine out of ten Africans were shipped to Brazil, where Jewish "connections" were so influential that on Jewish holidays the slave auctions had to be postponed, because all the buyers and sellers of African men, women, and children were at the synagogues--"preying." Indeed, Wiesenthal Center scholar Dr. Harold Brackman has pointed out that "slave trading in Brazil became a 'Jewish' mercantile specialty in much the same way it had been in early medieval Europe."

In America, the average slaveholder held about 7 slaves, but the Nation of Islam has documented dozens of Jewish slave-dealers advertising the sale of as many as 210 slaves on a single day! Hundreds of these advertisements are collected in the recently released Nation of Islam book Jews Selling Blacks: Slave Sale Advertising by American Jews. And, according to Dr. Brackman, "Jews were about twice as likely to be slave owners as the average white Southerner."

In Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles Times columnist Joel Stein strongly disagreed with Foxman, writing that "Jews totally run Hollywood." In this opinion he joins the Jewish movie director Rob Reiner, who wrote of the movie industry, "It's all run by Jews." Scholar Charles Silberman: "The motion picture industry was largely a Jewish invention," and though they are less than 2 percent of the population, Jews are an astounding 60 percent of the "movie and TV elite."

But it is in politics where Jewish power is most felt and most feared. Two academicians--not rappers--Professors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer, produced a groundbreaking work titled The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, which opened many eyes to the powerful influence of the Jews in America. They argue that Jewish lobby groups like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) have "significant leverage over the Executive branch," that is to say, the White House and the President. Jewish power in media, they say, gives Jews the unique ability to make sure that "the Lobby's perspective on Israel is widely reflected in the mainstream media."