Struggling financially at Christmastime

Armstrong Williams | 12/26/2013, 11 a.m.
Armstrong Williams

As Dec. 25 draws near, what we consider to be troubles may very well be the exact things needed for us to refocus on the real purpose of Christmas. Without the expectations and burden of giving the latest and greatest toys to our friends and family, we are free to offer our hearts—whether that means giving a handmade gift or a cup of coffee or offering some sort of service. This might even entail reaching out to someone we’ve previously lost touch with, forgiving a foe or lending a hand to someone in dire need. Whatever the case may be, I guarantee that a gift given from the heart will be more fruitful for you and more valuable for them.

As I begin to accept that Christmas in America will never be solely about celebrating the life and times of Jesus, our goal needs to be that we retain a firm focus on Him. And this year, as we face less money in our pocketbooks and more debt on our credit cards than ever, our Christmas should theoretically be filled with more blessings than ever before. In order for this come to fruition, we need to embrace the simple truths of Christmas and use this toned-down holiday season to discern what is truly most important in our lives. In the absence of emblematic seasonal pastimes, we can honestly do what we’ve always secretly wanted to do: forget about the glamour of the day’s celebrations and focus on its divinity. In doing so, we unleash the freedom of forgiveness that accompanies Jesus Christ’s birth and death. Then, and only then, we will begin to truly understand and embrace the true purpose of Christmas.

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