Medgar Evers town hall

Hannington Dia Special to the AmNews | 2/8/2013, 12:38 p.m.

Political power duo Inez and Charles Barron also showed unity with Medgar's disgruntled populace.

"Now that he's here, he has not been responsive to the needs of the community, of the students, of the staff," said Assemblywoman Barron. "Many of the actions that he has taken are, in fact, we believe, illegal. So we're organizing. We're continuing that fight."

"He is pathetic," added her husband. "He should've never been there in the first place. He's a house Negro. He's one of those neo-colonialists, the new way to keep us colonized. Don't put a white person in front of you. Put a Black person that does the whites' bidding and the policies and nobody will think it's racist because it's a Black person doing it. We need to get rid of the neo-colonialist house Negroes at Medgar Evers and liberate it for our people in the future."

The AmNews reached out to Medgar Evers College for comment on the event. "We didn't have anyone there [at the meeting]. I see this as a crying out effort to get some momentum for their cause. It's inaccurate accusations based on what has been happening," said Dr. Moses Newsome, vice president of external affairs.

"Medgar Evers College is one of the last Black institutions in this city, so it's very painful to see an administration come in that ends up dismantling the infrastructure we have in place rather than assessing and building on it," said a faculty member who wished not to be identified.

With additional reporting by Staff Writer Cyril Josh Barker.