Happy Chinese New Year

Yvonne Delaney Mitchell | 2/21/2013, 3:45 p.m.

Something else to look forward to is daylight savings time, which is only three weeks away. That's interesting news to me because the occurrence of DST seems to keep changing. I thought it didn't occur until some time in April. Somehow, if you don't really try to keep up with these things, you never find out for sure when DST is until the weekend thereof. Usually, it's by chance, when you notice public clocks have been changed or when you either oversleep or wake up too early and find the time on the cable box has changed.

Hear ye, hear ye. Applications are now available to take the MTA Bus Operators test. From now until Feb. 26, all those interested in applying to take the exam should run, not walk to the MTA website, where you can apply online. You may also submit an application via U.S. Postal Service. Of course, there is a decent starting salary along with benefits, and all that is required is a Class B Commercial Driver License valid in the state of New York. Don't worry if you have a past that haunts you, as even those with a felony conviction may apply. It's all good.

Please forgive me, as I forgot to mention that Fred Terrell, husband of Jonelle Procope, CEO of the Apollo Theatre Foundation, was also at the Studio Museum in Harlem's gala--and looking quite dashing, I might add. Did I forget anyone else? Of course I did--after all, there were over 500 people there.

I want to say thank you to Connie from the Bronx, an avid reader from whom I received a letter regarding my post on Beyonce singing at President Barack Obama's inauguration. First, let me say, it is always so good to hear from you, dear readers, as I love to know of your thoughts. Secondly, for those who may have interpreted my words much like Connie did, contrary to the thought, I do like Beyonce, really, I do. How can anyone not like Beyonce? While her voice is sometimes great and sometimes irritating, she's talented, beautiful and in love with her husband. I just know the plight of struggling artists who only need a break, but how can they get one if only one person gets the spotlight all the time? Some say Beyonce is on her way to becoming an icon. Hmmm. Like Obama, I welcome differing points of view and encourage a lively discussion, so for anyone else who cares, I can always be reached by mail via the Amsterdam News or at montana2us@yahoo.com. I plan to write in return, dear Connie, just hold on.

According to life coach Patti Greco, "You can have perfectionism, or you can have connections. You can't have both. People don't connect with perfect people." In other words, people like people who show their humanity and compassion. We can strive to be good, even excellent at what we do, but we don't have to be perfect. Greco goes on to say that sharing secrets is good, based on the premise that "secrets equal shame." Share the secret, get rid of the shame. Well, I have a problem with that. How about when someone plans a surprise birthday party? That's a secret, and it's a good thing if it doesn't leak out. Think about the last time you went to a surprise birthday party and everyone yelled "SURPRISE!" and the person was moved to tears. Or the allure of a well-dressed person who wears a hat or something revealing, just a dash of skin, as if they have a secret--the intrigue can be inspiring. Yes, secrets are for sharing with someone you love, for bringing friends close together or maybe even a sense of empowerment. Millions were made from that old TV show "I've Got a Secret." Isn't one of the lyrics in an old Blue Magic song, "And we can share a secret..."?

I love having someone I can share a secret with, don't you? If you don't have that someone, then take the time to find one and share a secret--it's good for the soul.

Until next week ... kisses