'Hill and Gully' brings in the New Year

MISANI Special to the AmNews | 1/22/2013, 2:55 p.m.
Geoffrey Holder, the Tony Award-winning director, calls them "decent people's children." They are the gifted,...
'Hill and Gully' brings in the New Year

Anderson hits all the right notes as the psychiatrist, as does Marissa Copeland in her role as Mrs. Thornton, the principal. Simms' moments are special as the fluttery, positive-thinking life coach, and Tyson Hall is solid as Joshua Foster, Caleb's older brother.

Dennis, the real-life owner of Hill and Gully restaurant, makes her acting debut in the film--and she is a natural. There is also the wonderful Jennifer Joseph who is hilarious in the role of Jen, who works at the restaurant. Between her and Dennis, they truly bring the Caribbean-American vibes alive, as do the other patrons, including Habte Selassie in the role of a restaurant patron.

And then there is the award-winning Johnson Chevannes, who has shared the stage with the likes of Sir Patrick Stewart (playing Desdemona to his Othello), Liam Neeson, Laura Linney and Sir Richard Eyre. She is also the recipient of numerous awards.

As the lead actress in "Hill and Gully," Johnson Chevannes is phenomenal in her role as Carin Shiquita. She has ingenuously morphed herself into the many Shiquitas who project the angry, condescending, don't-have-time-for-all-this stuff attitudes, yet under it all is a lonely, scared young woman who does not know the next step to take to get out of the situation she is in and move on with her life. Through Johnson Chevannes' on-target portrayal, you feel empathy for this human being who just does not seem to be able to get out of the gully and up the hill.

"Hill and Gully," Johnson Chevannes' third feature film, was shot in nine days. It is a timely and inspiring work that will leave a major impression on not only the African-American and Caribbean-American neighborhoods, but also the universal community of mankind. This film is an exceptional ride up and down life's many hills and gullies, and it is courageously tackled by Patrice Johnson Chevannes, one of "decent people's children."

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