Realty company's rise makes room for those on the margin

DAVID KENE Special to the AmNews | 1/24/2013, 1:57 p.m.

"Sometimes a person who was incarcerated is already down, and the only job opportunities are minimum-wage, and not even that. Some come with all kinds of restrictions. But when you hold a real estate license, it's like a second chance. You're licensed by the state, you're in a trusted position and you really get a chance to prove to the world that you're not a statistic and you're not someone who is going to go back."

Lolli said his motivation to help those formerly incarcerated re-enter society by using real estate as their comeback came from examples set by his father and his experiences with a friend who was formerly incarcerated.

"My father was a teacher, and when he retired, he voluntarily taught at Rikers--not just books, but he taught other stuff, like how to shave. I looked at those things as examples and they came back to me when I reunited with a friend I had grown up with but hadn't seen in 15 years.

"He was locked up, and when it was time for parole, I helped put together his parole packet. But he got denied because of the limited prospects he had when coming out. I then began to network with my entrepreneurial friends to see what could be done. I saw that I can make an example one person at a time."

According to Lolli, those interested in helping Rapid Realty help more people, one person at a time, are encouraged to reach him through his websites.

"I want people to look at the sites first and see what we're all about. I'm proud of our work because we are for real."

For more information, log on to www.AnthonyLolli.com or www.RapidNYC.com.