Malcolm Shabazz buried near grandparents

NAYABA ARINDE Amsterdam News Editor | 6/6/2013, 12:56 p.m.
Memorial service held for Malcolm Shabazz

Meanwhile, in Oakland, Calif., last Friday, a service was held for Shabazz at the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California. A couple hundred mourners attended to honor the young man.

"It is only right that young Malcolm receives his dues across the nation, but what better way to bless him than to put him in the spiritual arms of his grandparents, the great Malcolm X--El-Hajj Malik [El]-Shabazz, and Dr. Betty Shabazz?" said activist Divine Allah.

Shabazz was killed on May 9, in a suspicious bar beating which many state was a "setup."

Shabazz was in Mexico City with recently deported Miguel Suarez, co-founder of the California-based RUMEC (Revolutionary United Mexicans in Combat). The two men were reportedly in the Palace Club bar in Plaza Garibaldi, located in a rough part of town. They were asked to go there by at least one female. Mexico City Attorney General Rodolfo Rios stated that workers at the bar demanded that Shabazz pay a $1,200 bar tab. When he refused, they began beating him. They beat him to death. Shabazz died of "blunt force injuries." Suarez had no injuries. Rios says he is looking for three other suspects.

Activists worldwide are suspicious of the official story.

"Everyone wants to know what really happened," said Anthony Downer, a host on Manchester, England-based Peace FM. "Something does not sound right at all."

Judge Hector Palomares ordered that David Hernandez Cruz and Manuel Alejandro Perez de Jesus be remanded in custody; they are there on charges of robbery and aggravated homicide.

Cousar concluded, "It is for us to continue the work of Malcolm X and the work that his grandson, El Hajj Malcolm Latif [El] Shabazz, was also striving to do. It is a tragedy how he died, but he left us a blueprint to continue the struggle for righteousness worldwide."