Medgar Evers' president William Pollard ousted

STEPHON JOHNSON Amsterdam News Staff | 6/6/2013, 11:08 a.m.
Short and chaotic, the reign of Dr. William Pollard at Medgar Evers College is over....
Medgar Evers' president William Pollard ousted

"Going forward, it is critical that the college community directs its energy on building upon its strengths. Medgar Evers has a legacy of success, which has distinguished this institution for over 40 years, to assist us in this institutional endeavor," read a collective executive committee statement. "Although over the past three years there have been irreconcilable differences between the college and the current leadership priorities, faculty, students and staff understand that we must work collectively to ensure the survival of this civil rights institution. To that end, it is the position and goal of the faculty senate to ensure that the ensuing academic agenda involves the entire college community in any assessment of its goals, initiatives and programs.

"The damage has been major," continued the statement. "Primary among the injuries is the accreditation 'Warning' that the college recently received--under the Pollard administration--from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. During its 42-year history, Medgar Evers College has never before had an accreditation issue."

Goldstein preferred to sing Pollard's praises.

"We are deeply grateful for all that President Pollard has done to advance the vitally important mission of the college during the past three and one-half years," said Goldstein. "The president has worked diligently to focus this important institution in Central Brooklyn on student-centered goals and objectives, enhancing faculty instruction in the classroom, and on utilizing the new and modern campus facilities in creative and effective ways."

When the AmNews talked with Pollard in 2009, he spoke with hope about what needed to be done to improve MEC. "We're doing what we need to do in order to get our arms around a variety of issues and concerns ... and figuring out how to grow my feet into this position," he said. The shoes didn't fit.