Summer Jam set off the season just right

David Goodson | 6/20/2013, 12:12 p.m.
Summer Jam set off the season just right

So how did the show turn out? To be honest, a little anti-climactic, but that's not necessarily a bad thing when you consider how high the bar and expectations were set for a monumental landmark and all the history-altering moments that have occurred under the banner. It doesn't take anything away from Miguel bringing out J Cole, and Mariah Carey; 2 Chainz dueting with Nicki Minaj; A$AP Rocky with trailblazers Bone Thugs and Harmony; and, of course, French Montana closing strong with appearances by Ace Hood, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. All those were magic, and when looked upon without levels of Summer Jam the high expectations, they were all dope.

Paramount in the minds of the consumers upon exiting were the opportunities lost or perhaps never planned. For example, no Drake? But he had huge hits with at least three of the acts on the bill. Bigger speculation was over whether "Mr. Summer Jam" himself, Jigga Man, Jay-Z was going to touchdown. He was in the house, and with the hottest pure lyricist in the game, Kendrick Lamar, performing in prime position, the perfect storm was set for Lamar and Jay-Z teaming up for a scorching remix of "Don't Kill My Vibe." It fell short though and we were left only with a stellar performance by one of the future torch carriers in Lamar.

The biggest missed opportunity was hatched by Fabolous. Representing Brooklyn, Fab had grandiose designs to squash one of the oldest beefs in hip-hop and have the Queen B Lil Kim and Foxy Brown perform on the same set. Kim did her thing, but for whatever reason, Foxy was M.I.A. Nonetheless, hip-hop is at the forefront of the music industry, and with Summer Jam entrenched, it will continue to be for decades to come.

I'm out. Holla next week with another huge event, the Apollo Spring Gala. I'll keep you abreast. Till then, enjoy the nightlife!