The public's first reactions to "Red Tails"

Yacine Simporé Special to the Amsterdam News | 6/20/2013, 1:16 p.m.

As the "Red Tails" movie came to theatres this Friday, the Amsterdam News asked movie goers what they thought of the film.

Produced by Star Wars creator Georges Lucas, "Red Tails" portrays the life of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen that had to face Segregation in the U.S military during the World War II.

The casting is mostly African American, Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr, Ne-Yo, Elijah Kelley and many others rising actors.

" I was so excited when I knew about this movie project" said Jennifer Williams, a Hunter college student. " I enjoyed each moment of it, and the casting was good too."

"It was so relevant to screen it a few days after the King's day, this is definitely part of our history and I encourage everybody to go see the movie, because this is how we are going to bring legacy to these heroes." said Tanya Howard, who came to see the movie with her children.

Yet, some were also disappointed not by the content of the movie but more by the way it was directed. For Michael Vande, "the movie reminds a lot of Star Wars...I was expecting to see a historic movie, but it was more an action movie."