Bloomberg and his ego

ELINOR TATUM Publisher and Editor in Chief | 3/18/2013, 11:35 a.m.
When billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg was first elected to office, this newspaper endorsed him as...
When guidance counselors need to care

And let's not forget his campaign to try to break the unions of the city, citing them as special interests when the biggest special interest in New York these days is actually Hizzoner and his wallet.

More recently, and perhaps most publicized, is how his Honor is going after soda, which, in effect, is going after small businesses under the guise of fighting obesity. If the mayor truly wanted to fight obesity, he would add nutrition counseling to various city programs and teach people how to cook healthy meals and make good choices. He would also expand and/or bring back physical education in the schools.

All the soda ban would do is cost people more money, create more garbage and have little effect on how much soda folks drink. Judge Milton Tingling got it right when he called the ban "arbitrary and capricious" and said that the Board of Health had overstepped its bounds. But now the mayor is appealing, as we would expect a man with an ego the size of this city. Bloomberg gets what Bloomberg wants--sometimes.

However, far too often, he finds a way to get over, and to that end, he must be stopped. Facing nine more months of Bloomberg is much too long, and we can't just wait on the sidelines and see what he does. We need to be vigilant and protect our city and our communities at every turn. He does not give up, and neither should we.