Recall Congress 2012

Armstrong Williams | 3/21/2013, 12:08 p.m.
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Already across the country, there are recalls for governors such as Wisconsin's Scott Walker and Rick Snyder of Michigan. No matter their political affiliation, the frustration over the current lot of incumbents in Congress is boiling over. Would this country really be worse off if every elected member of Congress was replaced and we started over? I think not. Career politicians have done us no good.

The funny part is we may actually end up with some individuals who go into Congress to enact policy, make the necessary decisions on which programs to fund and which ones to avoid. For too long our elected officials have simply said what the voters wanted to hear while continuing to fall prey to ever increasing levels of political extremism and special interests, serving no one but themselves.

In the end, we all, as citizens and taxpayers, suffer because of the poor decisions made. Isn't it time we hold our elected officials accountable? Every year it's the same story: promises, promises, promises and little to no follow through. How have we stood for this for so long?

In all seriousness, why not recall Congress? Can we really do any worse than what we have with the current lot? I highly doubt it, especially when considering that the current state of affairs in the United States has more Americans wanting to get active and have their voice heard than any other time since the '70s. That's saying something, and Washington should listen.

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