P.S. 13 salutes the AmNews for Black History Month

JASMIN K. WILLIAMS Amsterdam News Staff | 3/25/2013, 2:35 p.m.

Nasir McGeachy, who moderated the discussion said, "I enjoy the newspaper because it gives [you] so many articles of variety [about] your neighborhood and other places. There are specific parts that help us in the classroom and help us express what's happening in the world."

Roberts said, "I think it's very beneficial because it provides valid information [about things] that happen in society, like stop-and-frisk and the racism that continues in our present day. It also teaches us and prepares us for the future, [so that] when we're going out into the world, [we know] what to expect and what's coming our way."

Kayla Smith said, "I like the history pages a lot because it shows history in a really fun way. It makes me happy to know about my ancestors and what they fought for."

Fifth grade teacher Dena Pascall shared in the enthusiasm of her students.

"I started using the Amsterdam News last year when it was first introduced into the school. I started using it in fourth grade," she told the AmNews. "The students started liking it so much because it had so much relevant information and useful information that we started using it in conjunction with the textbooks. And now that we're in fifth grade, we actually use it instead of the textbooks. I started integrating it with science and social studies. I mainly use it for writing and reading, and they love it. Every day we get homework from it. One of my students from one of the charter schools came to me the first time she got homework and said, 'Miss Pascall, I love using the Amsterdam News so much, and my mom was so impressed because it actually causes me to do research more than the ordinary textbooks,'" Pascall said.

"I love using it and my students love using it. It's very resourceful. It gives information about small communities--especially communities like East New York--that you won't find in other papers. I love the history feature. It definitely helps the fifth graders going into sixth grade," she concluded.