Lifetime lies and fact versus fiction

RICHARD B MUHAMMAD | 5/9/2013, 9:06 p.m.

Movies are fiction, not fact and fiction comes from the minds of people with motives, aims and agendas. It would be a critical mistake to miss take the Lifetime movie Betty and Coretta as fact and a critical error to accept it and its wicked mischaracterizations of Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan as anything other than lies and misrepresentations.

Min. Farrakhan unequivocally had nothing to do with the murder of Minister Malcolm X, though he has admitted speaking into an environment created by the enemy to disrupt and destroy Black movements as Malcolm X turned against his teacher and leader, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Harsh words were spoken by those who took sides in a split welcomed and fostered by the U.S. government through the Counterintelligence Program of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and J. Edgar Hoover. Those who sided with Malcolm spoke against Elijah Muhammad and those who sided with Messenger Muhammad, including a blood brother of Min. Malcolm's, spoke against their former comrade in the struggle.

"We didn't voluntarily split from each other. There was manipulation. There was stimulation of our own pettiness, of our own weaknesses by outside forces and the government is that outside force. The FBI is that outside force. So Betty and I shouldn't be here alone. The government has to answer for what has happened. We know the hurt of the prominent ones among us. But what about those other families? Families of the unnamed ones that are broken to pieces. Daughters who were virgins destroyed. Young men and women that had hope in a movement destroyed. Thousands of lives ruined because the government feared our unity. We carried no weapons. We threatened no laws. We broke no laws. But because we had an ideology and a philosophy that the government did not like we were targeted by the government. They didn't need laws passed by Congress to tap our phones, to follow us around, to harass us day and night," said Min. Farrakhan, in 1995 at the Apollo Theater in New York.

In the end, there was an unfortunate death that created a wound inside Black America that has never healed. It is a wound that those truly responsible for the death of Malcolm X, and who are his actual killers, have tried to exploit as Louis Farrakhan has grown in influence and restored the Nation of Islam after its destruction.

So the Lifetime movie, Betty and Coretta, pointing the finger at Min. Farrakhan as involved in the death is purposely false. It is another attempt to defame Min. Farrakhan and incite murder for him in the hearts of the ignorant and set the stage for his murder by a government tied to the murders of Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King. Both men were considered enemies of America and were under surveillance until their deaths. A government informant and police officer, Gene Roberts, was on stage with Malcolm X when he was shot. According to one biography of Malcolm X, agent Roberts' first assignment was to infiltrate the newly formed Muslim Mosque Inc., founded by Malcolm X. A military defense agency was in Memphis tracking civil rights leader King when he was killed. A noted civil rights photographer, with tremendous access to Dr. King, has also been identified as a government informant. Facts not fiction.