A new year's intro to Jacques Schwarz-Bart

MISANI Special to the AmNews | 5/16/2013, 3:57 p.m.
'Art of Dreaming' continues magical orbit with Jacques Schwarz-Bart Quartet

Schwarz-Bart's fresh, vivid sound has been associated with that of the jazz greats John Coltrane and Lester Young, and has generated international tours for the musician, who has played with such artists as Roy Hargrove, Danilo Perez, Ari Hoenig, Meshell Ndegeocello, Chucho Valdes and D'Angelo, who dubbed him "Brother Jacques," as a tribute to his artistry.

His discography includes "Sone Ka-La" (Universal, 2007), "Abyss" (Universal, 2009), "Rise Above" (Dreyfus Jazz, 2010).

Schwarz-Bart has produced several projects, starting with the CD "Immersion," which was followed by the Brother Jacques Project, a fusion of soul and jazz that incorporated Caribbean rhythms. The album featured vocalist Stephanie McKay, his wife, whom he thanks on "The Art of Dreaming" album "for finding the key to my soul." His groundbreaking "Sone Ka-La" album makes Schwarz-Bart one of the first musicians to examine the connection between the music genres of Guadeloupe's Gwoka and African-American jazz styles, and features two of Guadeloupe's popular musicians, Admiral T and Jacob Desvarieux of the band Kassav.

Collaboratively, he has recorded with other musicians, including with Jacky Terasson ("Push," 2010), Alex Tassel ("Heads or Tails," 2009), Etienne Charles ("Folklore," 2009), Oliver Hutman ("Suite Mangrove," 2008), Ari Hoenig (Inversations," 2006), Amp Fiddler ("Afro Strut," 2006), Anthony Hamilton ("Soulife," 2005), Mario Canonge ("Rhizome," 2004), RH Factor ("Hard Groove," 2003), Meshell Ndegeocello ("Cookie," 2002), Soulive ("Doin' Something" (2001), Erykah Badu ("Mama's Gun," 2000) and James Hurt ("Dark Grooves," 1999).

Schwarz-Bart is a very special artist to pay attention to in 2013. Caribbean Lingo will do just that starting next week when we return with our review of the Jacques Schwarz-Bart quartet's incomparable album "The Art of Dreaming," an entrancing jazz odyssey through time and space.