WHCR: The voice of Harlem

W.A.T.E.R. 17 Special to the AmNews | 5/16/2013, 4:56 p.m.
WHCR: The voice of Harlem

Brother Rick Young, who hosts a personal development program, "What's in Your Hand" (Fridays and Sundays 6-8 a.m.), explained his formula for success: "I look for the best teachers, speakers, writers--people who I can put on air ... that's my goal ... share it with my listeners across the airwaves. If I can help just one person become a success, I've done my job."

One of hip-hop's founders, Afrika Bambaataa, brings listeners down memory lane each Tuesday (8 p.m.-midnight), spinning classic throwback tracks from yesteryear. "Tune in to 'True-Skool Radio' on WHCR for the real hip-hop!" he suggested.

Harden added: "WHCR is radio like how it used to be ... the DJ gets to play the music they want-that's the beauty of WHCR ... folks can bust out their old 45s and 78s and play exactly what they want ... and people enjoy that."

Absence of corporate funding allows for liberty of expression. Brother Leroy says he keeps listeners interested by utilizing a "different mix of guests and subject matter. The attraction of my shows is the unique quality of guests who have information, research and enlightenment for everybody ... Black folks who have made major achievements within the Black community, but have received little or no exposure in the media ... I go after them."

Nellie Hester-Bailey, who hosts "Inside Housing and Communities" (Mondays 6-7 p.m., said, "WHCR is indispensable to Harlem. It provides educational information as a reflection of this historic community. People should recognize the role WHCR is playing and give its support to the voice of the community."

For more info, visit www.whcr.org or or call 212-650-7147.