Super summer fun

Jennifer Stein | 5/23/2013, 4:06 p.m.

The children are out of school and the question is, what to do with them and how to keep yourself feeling fresh this hot summer? When we aren't going through yet another heat wave, there are some positively amazing outdoor products youth are going to love on our "Super Summer Fun" list to play with at the park. When the temps reach a boiling point and it's unsafe for people to be out for extended periods of time, we also have found some really fabulous indoor play options for kids of all ages.

Adults haven't been forgotten, as we have discovered some of the most innovative, handy and dandy products on the market for your consideration. Whether you are playing inside or out, the products that made it on to the "Super Summer Fun" list are sure to make your summer much brighter! All prices are approximate.

Outdoor adventure

Vapor Atlas 250 ages 14+ Razor, $12.99. Blast up to 50 rounds of Vapor Gel Ammo from this innovative quick trigger gun. The rocking red gun comes with 250 rounds that shoot up to 60 feet and then evaporate. It is epic!

No-Spill Squeeze 'N' Blow Pop-Up Bubbles ages 3+ Little Kids, $6.99 for a three-pack. Perfect for pocketbooks, this no-mess mini bubble blower will keep little ones entertained, not stained.

Seed Bombs ages 4+ DuneCraft, $4.99. Made in the USA, the six-pack of seed bomb balls, which take six weeks to grow into butterfly- and bird-attracting flowers, is neat to watch develop into a garden.

Glow in the Dark Bat and Ball/Sweet Spot Bat ages 5+ Junk Ball, $8.99. Learn six different throws with this neat nighttime baseball set.

Sky Ball ages 6+ Maui Toys, $8.99. Bounces up to 75 feet for a sick game of ball!

Air Storm Pop Rocketz ages 5+ Zing, $4.99. This pocket rocket squeezes off three soft foam rockets up to 50 feet in the air! It is easy to pack for the park or on a walk around the block.

Wet and Wild

Nerf Lightning Storm Super Soaker ages 6+ Hasbro, $29.99. Fully automatic with a blast shield, this is the highest capacity super soaker blaster yet!

Soak 'N' Splash Water Limbo Sprinkler ages 5+ Little Kids, $17.99. Play wet water limbo while listening to mood-setting music with this new outdoor, fun tiki-themed game for the family.

KAOS Cyclops Water Balloon Launcher ages 8+ Imperial Toy LLC, $9.99. Launch a water balloon up to 100 feet from this handheld device for the best water wars ever!

KAOS Nemesis ages 8+ Imperial Toys LLC, $14.99. Launch water balloons over 100 feet for the ultimate water balloon wars! The KAOS line will revolutionize how water balloon fights go down!

Super Sports

Air Storm Z-X Cross Bow ages 8+ Zing, $19.99. Shoot the three suction cup Zarts over 45 feet indoors or outside with this wicked crossbow.

Explosion ages 5+ Junk Ball, $14.99. Learn to play like the pros with this light plastic bat and foam ball. Five different grips are taught.