De Blasio has victorious landslide, says work starts now

Stephon Johnson | 11/7/2013, 10:15 a.m.
De Blasio defeated Republican nominee Joe Lhota in a landslide
De Blasio wins NYC

De Blasio emphasized taxing residents who make $500,000 or more annually to pay for universal prekindergarten for all young New Yorkers. The mayor-elect also proposed the idea of charging rent to charter schools who house themselves on public school property. He’s discussed eliminating the specialized high school exam as the sole criteria for admittance into the New York’s elite public institutions, and he’s discussed rolling back standardized testing, even though the state sets and controls the testing regimens.

Zakiyah Ansari, spokesperson for New Yorkers for Great Public Schools, felt that this election was a memorandum on education in New York City and how residents want to see it changed.

“All along, we knew this election would be an education election. Now, he has been given a clear mandate to end Bloomberg’s failed education policies and pursue a new direction for our public schools,” said Ansari. “De Blasio’s support grew as he turned the mayoral race into a referendum on Bloomberg’s failures, especially in education.”

During his first post-election news conference, de Blasio announced Jennifer Jones Austin and Carl Weisbrod as co-chairs to his transition team. He also announced the website that will be the source for the transition ( and revealed its presence on social media (@NYCTransition on Twitter). Austin and Weisbrod both have experience in government, and both plan on pushing the mayor-elect’s progressive agenda to the forefront.

“We’re building a team that’s devoted to building one great city where everyone shares in our prosperity,” said de Blasio. “Above all, I want to create a government with the competence to safeguard the health and security of all New Yorkers.”

Our greatest source of wealth is the diversity of our people,” continued de Blasio. “We’re going to create a government that reflects the face of our city—the greatest on earth.”

The mayor-elect has 54 days to create that reflection.